WESTEND on the tracks of the money

WESTEND is recently producing a docudrama for the Franco-German TV network arte, telling the adventurous life of the scottish ‘bon vivant’ and economical genius John Law of Lauriston.

The talented card player and visionary introduced in the beginning of the 18th century the paper currency and the shares and helped the country in a short time to great wealth. Even though Laws achievements failed in the end in a tragic way, many of his findings in economic theory are universal till this day.

The reenactments were shot in the baroque ambiance of the Palazzo Barbarigo Minotto in Venice and in the baroque castle grounds in Weilburg.

The following experts helped us with their knowledge: Hilmar Kopper, Peter Bofinger, Paul G. Schmidt, Max Otte, Christoph Binswanger, Claude Cueni, Hugue Le Bret and others.

Journalistenpreis 2013 “Historische Wertpapiere und Finanzgeschichte”
Journalistenpreis 2012 für Wirtschaftsjournalismus der Vogel-Stiftung


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