Lola Montez – The First Female Superstar

A vamp leading the way for emancipation in Europe and America

“Lola was in many ways a 19th century forerunner of Madonna and Lady Gaga, an entertainer who was a flamboyant personality as well as a performer, a woman who constantly reinvented herself and sought out new challenges.” (Bruce Seymour, biographer and expert)

Reviled as a whore, cursed as a witch and revered like a saint – Lola Montez’ biography is the story of a woman, who turned 19th century Europe upside down. A pioneer of the emancipated women of the present, dream and nightmare of the men of the past. For ARTE, WESTEND delves into the heart of the 19th century – into the bedchambers of the most important men of Lola Montez’ time. Who was this woman, who kept the entire world on its toes? Who was desired by princes and students alike? Who caused a revolution and cost king Ludwig I. of Bavaria his throne?



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