WESTEND filmed the “Wild West”

In summer 2007 the American prairie was filmed for a 52 minutes documentary, co-produced by “ARTE Entdeckung”. Our Crew travelled the breathtaking scenery of the Great Plains, got in touch with extraordinary people and revealed how the American Heart reinvents itself… A film by Kamil Taylan and Wolf Truchsess von Wetzhausen.

The huge territory of the American prairie speaks from the 150 years old attempt to populate the Midwest sustainably. More and more ghost towns shape the vain landscapes today – but there is light at the end of the tunnel: the radical vision of the two scientists Frank and Deborah Popper from New York provoked a new discussion on the economic salvation of the region. Popper’s Plan prescribes to bring the large planes back in private property, to make it “common”.

The project Buffalo Commons is the unheard attempt to turn back demography and history of the American – back to the status quo before the colonization. The fence in the landscape shall vanish so herds of buffalo can browse again by hundreds on the wide territories. The plan is that not only the expected Tourism but the extremely efficient meat production, due to the wild buffalos, will give to the people security and a new future.

While at first these plans were regarded with scepticism, today more and more people are working to realize this huge project. Politicians as well as Indians, the “Native Americans”, and more and more Farmers and Ranchers too, have recognized the potential of this project and are taking action on its realization. They are our “heroes of the plains”, who will accompany us on our discovery through the states South Dakota, North Dakota, Nebraska, Montana and Kansas and give us the chance to participate in a new American awakening.


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