Camera teams in New York


The WESTEND FILM & TV PRODUCTION INC. in New York City is specialized in producing for European broadcasters in the United States. Filmed with 2/3“HD cameras such as the Panasonic P2 or Sony XDcam or with Super 35 / Full format cameras such was the Canon C300 or the Canon D5.

The teams are based in the US and know the best shooting locations and contact persons. They are familiar with European broadcasting formats and the European “look”. And to the joy of the head of production: a local team means less travel expenses, fewer travel days and no jetlag.

All required visa and insurances for filming in the United States are available. Furthermore, we can help with organizing mobile phones, travel agencies, hotels and car rentals.

Felicitas Hammerstein_photographed by Westend©_Tanz_Michelle Dorrance_2  Interview mit Michelle Dorrance in ihrem Studio Felicitas Hammerstein_photographed by Westend©_Tanz_Michelle Dorrance_5 New York Felicitas Hammerstein_photographed by Westend©_Tanz_Michelle Dorrance_3 Zu Gast bei den Proben

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