Lise Meitner – Mother of the Atomic Bomb

Lise Meitner was an exceptionally gifted physician and ahead of her times. The documentary displays the conflict of a modern woman and a society that gives to women no opportunity other than family. The film tells the lifestory of Lise Meitner and reflects her spadework: as a scientist and as a pioneer of the feminist’s movement. She has to face resistances – political and private nature – and becomes even though or because of all these disadvantages due to her gender and religion, a self-confident scientist.

Lise Meinter’s changeful life does not only tell an exemplary story on the discrimination of women in science and research but is against the historical background of the Shoa the emotional drama of a pacifist – building through her beloved work the basis for the deadliest weapon of all time.

The documentary spans from the beginning of the 20th century and the cold war to our days, where strategic nuclear weapons in the superpower’s silos and in the hands of their insane despots are threatening mankind with absolute elimination.

By means of the life of a woman, who was ahead of her time, the audience experiences a historic adventure on the relation of science, politics, friendship and responsibility.

The film was on the shortlist for the “European Science TV & New Media Award 2013“, in the category “Women in Science”.

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