Reviled as a whore, cursed as a witch and revered like a saint – Lola Montez’ biography is the story of a woman, who turned 19th century Europe upside down. A pioneer of the emancipated women of the present, dream and nightmare of the men of the past.

2018 | ZDF / ARTE | “Lola Montez – A Mistresses’ Tale”


Fear, madness, terror. More than 300 years ago, a young community in Salem, New England, brought itself to the rim of extinction. 25 innocent people were sentenced to death and hanged as witches. What remained was a broken community in the New World. How could it happen? And what do these events tell us about the nature of humans and our current problems?

2016/2017 | ZDF / ARTE | “Hexenjagd in Salem”


Two horsemen, eight National Parks, 4,000 miles across the USA – from New Mexico to Canada. Cinema actress Marie Bäumer and long-rider and survival expert ‘Hawk‘ travel the trails many of which date back to the days of the old explorers, experiencing the country in a unique way, far away from roads, on their search for the “spirit of the West”.

2015/2016 | ZDF / ARTE | “America’s Forgotten Heart – On Horseback through the Wild West” | 5 x 43′


Lise Meinter’s changeful life does not only tell an exemplary story on the discrimination of women in science and research but is against the historical background of the Shoa the emotional drama of a pacifist – building through her beloved work the basis for the deadliest weapon of all time.

2011/2012 | ZDF/ARTE



John Law John Law – the man who invented paper money and precipitated the first financial crash. To some the first monetary theorist of all times. Trickster, masher and soldier of fortune to others. But one thing is certain: His almost 300 years old ideas and deeds have kept their influence up to the present days.

2010/2011 | ZDF/ARTE


the films from 2005 to 2010

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