Documentaries 2005-2010

The romantic tale of the encounter between Native American girl Pocahontas and English adventurer Captain John Smith is one of the most lasting American legends. Was it really a love story or have later generations merely glorified this relationship?

2009/2010 | ZDF/ARTE | “Pocahontas and Captain John Smith – Love and survival in the new world”


The landing of the pilgrim fathers on board the “Mayflower” 1620 is to many Americans known as the beginning of their nation. Based on the journal of one of its most famous members, William Bradford, the documentary reconstructes this adventuruos journey into the unkown.

2008/2009 | ZDF/ARTE | “William Bradford – Journey into the Unknown”


Return of the BuffaloThe huge territory of the American prairie speaks from the 150 years old attempt to populate the Midwest sustainably. The project Buffalo Commons is the unheard attempt to turn back demography and history of the American – back to the status quo before the colonization.

2007/2008 | ZDF/ARTE | “The return of the buffalo”


Das Waisenhaus Cighid, heuteThis is the story of one of the greatest social and demographic experiments in human history. Between 1966 and 1989 more than 2 million Romanian people were born only because of the will of one single man – Nicolae Ceausescu. The experiment 770.

200 | ZDF/ARTE | “Experiment 770”


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